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Incremental change.

Lasting effect.

The Mosaic Forum is

a 501c3 organization. Your donation is tax-deductible. 

Conversation is key to accessing the information you need.


We begin by simply listening to the stories of community members who are so often talked about but never directly addressed. The Mosaic Forum provides a safe place where people tell their stories and express their need for help.  By meeting them where they are, we can encourage use of appropriate and timely services.


These conversations reveal what the community needs, not what we think they need. We then work with traditional networks, as well as create unique partnerships to influence systems, producing opportunities and avenues of access to resolve the challenges they face.

The result, empowerment. Residents are connected to information. They have a newfound sense of confidence. They believe their voice and views are valuable and necessary to every conversation taking place in the community.  

With a small donation, you can ensure that every resident of our community has a seat at the table. Has a voice. Has a chance. Your support will help cover the costs of our community conversations - workshop space, speaker fees, food, promotional items, educational materials, and program materials such as notebooks and art supplies.

Thank You!

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