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A Healthy Life for a Happier Life

Updated: Jul 7, 2018

Take action towards a healthy life; identify resources and request the services you need.

All of us want to feel good and feel happy. We want to get up every morning with a smile on our face. We want to have the energy to go to work; to take care of our family; or simply to enjoy our life. We quickly learn that we need more than our usual cup of coffee or tea. When we have information and access to medical care resources, living a healthy life is possible.

The Mosaic Forum is your connection to the information and service providers leading you towards living a healthier life.

Your medical care may begin with visit to a doctor. When we take the time to ask questions about a medical condition, we learn that we may have a lot more services available to us. We need to know and understand the medical services covered under Medicare or Medicaid; the steps to take when we learn that a medical condition becomes terminal; and the legal documents for organizing and managing your medical care. The older we are the more likely we need to know about our health.

Most of the time we don’t know what we don’t know. Sometimes we choose to ask a family member or a friend for helpful information about the medical treatment or doctors we may need. The problem is he/she may not know. A better option is for you is to ask a doctor; call a government agency for human or family services; or attend a free program offering information about health care and other related services.

Good health leads to a good life

The Mosaic Forum is building community conversations that bridge the gap between underserved groups and health and service providers. Workshops are conveniently offered in many parts of Arlington County for persons needing medical treatment and their caregivers. By attending these workshops individuals and their families will learn from service providers, including government and private organizations, ready to offer the services you may need.

If you are not available to attend a workshop, you may call or visit the Mosaic Forum website at to identify service providers in the area that you may contact for additional information.

Also, you may regularly visit Mosaic Forum at for details about the current list of workshops and other interesting information helping you to take the steps towards living a healthier and happier life.

The sooner we have essential health care information the better the care we can secure. Seeking information about your medical condition now is likely to prevent visits to an emergency room and the availability of fewer medical options. One of the best steps you can take for feeling happy is feeling healthy now. Martha

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