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Everything supports life, even a rock...

On a recent trip to Yosemite National Park, I was in constant amazement as to how a rock could feed life to the beautiful greenery that sprang from its austere surface. I thought about the deeper concept of this, us, as human beings. Hard and often harsh exteriors, that with the right seed planted, could give life to a new way of being present in the world.

The first chance I had, I went to my friend Google to uncover the mystery. Here's what the old G had to say - rocks were not the impetus for life, but through the deposit of soil, plant debris, and water in its cracks, allowed the growth of something that stood in direct contrast to it. So life took hold in those broken places. Those breaks provided avenues for water, which sustains every living thing, to have a place to flow and to feed.

We must look beyond the exterior. We all have damaged places, cracks, that need to be acknowledged and understood. Once both of those things occur, the cracks can give birth to a renewed spirit, energy and healing.

What needs to be deposited into your cracks? Your brokenness? Love, Kindness, Thoughtfulness? Can you give yourself that gift? Because that's where it starts. Can you acknowledge and try to understand exactly where you have been uncharitable and unforgiving to YOU?

Know that you are stronger than you think, and more courageous than you give yourself credit for. You are more deeply rooted than you realize. We all come to this world with a beauty that is all our own, and somewhere along the way the world tells us that we should all be the same, to conform and turn away from who we were intended to be. The world is more comfortable with what is familiar. But that in of of itself is what hardens us, is what cracks us open. It is easy to get to that "unfamiliar" place, but difficult to find our way back to our natural state.

Don't lament your cracks. They taught you lessons. Accept them and know that something green will spring eternal -

I trip but never fall because I am strong and rooted deep with the love of the sun. I awake with hands gleaming from soil sown. 

I move on and I move forward. 

Thank you LN...Jane

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