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The Hardest Questions - How, What, Why?

Achieving calm in the midst of adversity.

Christmas Eve of 2014 was a day that changed mine and my families’ lives forever. My mother had a stroke, which then developed into dementia and she eventually passed about two years later. When we first got the news, we were devastated. How could this happen? What do we do now? Why us? Those are the hardest questions we have to ask ourselves when faced with adversity. 

We all face challenges in our lives, and when challenges arise, it’s easy to fall into a dark place. We may sometimes think that there’s no way out of our situation, there’s no one who can understand us, or that we are being punished for something. Dealing with hurdles in life may make us do things we never thought we would do, or act in a way we never thought we would act. It is important that in the midst of chaos to find a center and find time for ourselves, especially when there’s other people involved that depend on you. 

It may be easier said than done to dig deep within yourself and find inner peace to deal with life’s curve balls, but it is extremely important to develop a sense of well being in the midst of chaos, that’s the only way to be able to muddle through. If the struggle is too hard and you find you cannot deal on your own, there is nothing wrong with seeking out a professional to help listen and put things into perspective. There’s nothing wrong with taking a break from work, or taking more alone time for yourself, you must do what is necessary to keep yourself whole. Starla

Question mark on cloudy glass
Questioning fogs our heart and mind

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