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Mosaic Forum's approach is not just about immediate aid; it's about sustainable empowerment. By engaging directly with community members and providing targeted support, they foster an environment where individuals are encouraged to grow and thrive. The forum's initiatives build confidence and resilience, enabling individuals to become catalysts for change within their communities. Through these thoughtful and impactful programs, Mosaic Forum demonstrates a profound commitment to nurturing and enabling communities to shape their own futures. 

Mindful Mobi - Mental Wellness On The Go

Originally intended as a mobile makeup studio, Axel Makeup Academy's Glam Truck was divinely repurposed when its owners, Axel and Richard, felt compelled to donate it to Mosaic Forum, never having been used for its initial purpose. Now, as we eagerly await its launch, this mobile unit, soon to be renamed Mindful Mobi, is set to revolutionize wellness. It will bring essential mental health support directly to underserved neighborhoods, transforming the truck's stylish and comfortable interior into a confidential space for coaching, counseling, and wellness activities. This profound shift from beauty to healing continues its mission of transformation and joy in a deeply meaningful new way, sparking excitement and anticipation in all of us. LAUNCHING IN JULY!

Glam Van-3.jpg

Vote Your Values

Vote Your Values aims to revolutionize voter engagement within historically underrepresented Black and Hispanic communities through the transformative power of the dramatic arts and interactive gameplay. Leveraging the innovative Theatre Lab's Life Stories framework, our program seeks to deeply connect with individuals on a personal level, inspiring a new wave of civic participation. By translating the complex emotions and narratives around voting into captivating theatrical performances and immersive gaming experiences, we intend to elevate awareness, foster a strong sense of community identity, and significantly increase voter registration and turnout rates. LAUNCHING IN JULY!

Vote Your Values_edited.png

Resilience Through Storytelling

The Resilience Through Storytelling initiative is a transformative intergenerational program that fosters emotional resilience and cognitive development in economically disadvantaged students in grades 3-5 and combats social isolation and loneliness among seniors. By pairing older adults with young students, the program harnesses the power of storytelling as a tool for emotional healing, educational enhancement, and mutual enrichment. This unique collaboration not only allows seniors to find rejuvenation in their roles as mentors but also equips students with invaluable skills to navigate life's challenges. Together, they transcend generational divides, fostering individual well-being and community solidarity, painting a hopeful picture of a more connected and resilient community. LAUNCHING IN JANUARY 2025!

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