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IJNAM - Bonfire Store Products - Mosaic

Welcome to the I...Just Need A Minute store. While watching our Zoom talk show or listening to our podcast, take a pause with your own Minute Merch!


Black America's pain has been exposed. What we whispered quietly among ourselves, is now being shouted from every major city across the United States and the world. There is great hope and expectation in a nation that is awakening to past and current ills. But, first, Black people need to heal.


Your purchase will help fund the Zoom talk show, I...Just Need A Minute, and the discussion that runs parallel to it. Each IJNAM show will generate a takeaway, a concern to be shared with the greater community. In small group hubs (10-15), hosts will engage participants in thought-provoking, honest conversations on race.


The goal is to catalyze the community into an action that moves us forward in attaining a more fair society. Support conversations ignite sparks of hope, knowledge, and empowerment. Your purchase can help create change!



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