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The metropolitan Washington, D.C. region is a prosperous and diverse area. It continually works toward becoming healthier and stronger, boasting excellent health outcomes. Beneath the impressive statistics are pockets of communities facing disadvantages that threaten their health and well-being. Lack of access to information and inadequate resources prevent these residents from experiencing the benefits of prosperity and opportunity the region has to offer.


Their needs are acknowledged, but rarely met. The Mosaic Forum has answered the call to action, connecting
people to information, ensuring equal access to services, and helping to develop a deep sense of community.


KNOWLEDGE: We provide a safe place where people tell their stories and express their need for help. By meeting them where they are, we can encourage use of appropriate and timely services.


ACCESS: We work with traditional networks, as well as create unique partnerships. Our non-traditional alliances influence the system, producing opportunities and avenues of access for those we serve.


EMPOWERMENT: We bring people and information together, helping them define their needs to service providers. We encourage individuals to believe that their voice and views are necessary to the conversation.

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