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Our Team.

Jane Morrison, Martha Perea, and Donna R. Gayles are not just a trio of dynamic professionals with unique experiences and expertise but also individuals committed to serving the most vulnerable people in the metropolitan Washington, D.C., region. With over two decades of dedication, Jane has carved a niche in addressing complex community needs, from grief support to financial literacy, driven by her firsthand experiences of inequality growing up in Harlem, NY. Her impact is further magnified by her educational background in legal studies and her innate ability to forge lasting partnerships.


Martha's and Donna's distinct backgrounds and passions are individual strengths and pillars of a collective mission. Martha, at the helm of International Business Services LLC, leverages her bilingual skills and understanding of linguistic barriers to bridge gaps between communities and essential services. Her journey from Colombia to the U.S. underscores the critical role of language in fostering connection. Donna R. Gayles founded Listen Boys & Girls Consulting LLC to help people turn life transitions into opportunities for growth. She excels in health equity and community outreach, and uses her skills as a speaker and moderator to foster compassionate conversations. Donna values compassion, respect, and empathy, and her experience in youth and women's ministries helps her connect with diverse communities. Together, their collective efforts embody a commitment to creating a more connected and equitable future for all residents in the Washington, D.C., area.

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